Khalil Mamoon - General - Khalilmamoon
Khalil Mamoon - General - Khalilmamoon
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Khalil Mamoon General

  • Colour: Silver
  • Height: 31” / 79cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Shisha Only includes:

  • Khalil Mamoon pipe & Base
  • Khalil Mamoon Ashtray
  • Khalil Mamoon Flavour bowl
  • Khalil Mamoon Coal tongs
  • Khalil Mamoon Traditional hose (Colour may vary, Latest versions shown are plastic meaning they are washable)
  • Base protecting rubber
  • All relevant grommets
  • 2X Cleaning brushes (one large for the glass bowl, one thin for the pipe)

Starter Kit includes:

Everything in Shisha Only+

  • Silicone Phunnel Bowl
  • Silver Charcoal Chimney
  • Pack of Pre-Cut Foil
  • 10 Mouth-Tips
  • 1kg Coconut Coal
  • Electric Hot Plate Heater

Please Note, all Khalil Mamoon products are handmade, meaning you may find some small inconsistencies in the paintwork of the bottles and the clay bowl (such as small chips), this is normal, they are sold by Khalil Mamoon and sent from the manufacturers in this condition.

The KM box you receive the product in will have been opened by us in order to further wrap the vase so it does not break during transit. The original Khalil Mamoon box may be folded by us due to some of them being too tall to ship.

We will not replace any products with defects as mentioned in this disclaimer.

If you are looking for a hookah with a perfect machine crafted finish, the Khalil Maamoon™ hookahs are not for you.

Paint: All Khalil Maamoon™ Hookahs are hand painted. These hookahs are painted by different artists. In this case all KM Hookahs have unique designs. Because they are painted by different artists.

Interior Finish of Stem: Since these hookahs are made in Egypt where dust and sand surrounds the factories, it is normal for the interior of the stem to accumulate some dirt in the manufacturing process. We advise rinsing the interior of your hookah before use and giving it a few scrubs with the provided brush in order to get rid of any grime, dust or sand which may have settled on the interior of the stem.

Glass Vases: Glass vases found on the Khalil Maamoon™ hookahs are hand-painted therefore designs will always vary from one vase to another. It is also normal to find small inconsistencies in the applied design since they are not applied through silkscreen or heat transfer methods. All glass is painted by hand with a brush. Like a true piece of art, no two vases will be identical in design. It is also a misconception that Khalil Maamoon™ makes the glass vases themselves. That is not true! Khalil Maamoon™ specializes in the metal work only. The glass is made by one of the handful of glass manufacturers in Egypt for Khalil Maamoon™. Sometimes you will find a Khalil Maamoon™ stamp on the glass but that does not necessarily mean that the glass without the stamp is of inferior quality. There is no such thing as real or fake Khalil Maamoon™ glass. There are simply different qualities of glass. 

Clay Bowls: The clay bowls provided with the Khalil Maamoon™ hookahs are of a large size, serve their function extremely well and have stood the test of time since they have been made the same way for at least over 50 years. Due to the density of the clay they allow for good heat transfer, which is perfect for heating your shisha. They are hand molded and shaped just like a traditional clay pot would be. Though these bowls are some of the best looking bowls coming out of Egypt, you will sometimes find small imperfections in them due to their hand-made nature. Note that these bowls will not look like the modern bowls, which are being manufactured in China nowadays.

Hoses: Khalil Maamoon™ hose are some of the best hoses around. They provide great pull and are aesthetically beautiful. Traditional Khalil Maamoon™ hoses are made of cowhide and are hand woven and glued. Due to the nature of the leather, slight changes in color may be apparent. You may also notice some excess glue where different parts of the hose are glued together. This is absolutely normal and does not affect the smoke in any way.

Authenticity: You know a Khalil Maamoon™ hookah is authentic as soon as you pick it up. However it is not as easy when making a purchase online. There are however a few things to look for when making your purchase. Khalil Maamoon™ almost always stamps their name on the top of the stem (where the tray sits) and on the tray. The hose also has a Khalil Maamoon™ label attached to it and in some cases the Khalil Maamoon™ name is also printed on the hose itself either on the handle or the main part of the hose.

A common misconception is that the spelling of the English translation of Khalil Maamoon™ is a way to tell its authenticity. That is not true, since there have been various translations of the name some of which are Khalil Maamoon™, Khalil Mamoun and Khalil Mamoon. There is a simple explanation for that, lost in translation.

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