About us

Khalil maamoon - About us!

Khalil Maamoon™ is a hookah manufacturer from Cairo, Egypt. Since 1873, Khalil Maamoon™ has been producing hand-made Shisha pipes.

A tradition for the past 500 or more years, Shisha pipe smoking is a long-standing cultural activity across Middle Eastern countries, and it’s also now become extremely popular across UK, Europe and the US.

Used for centuries in Egypt and other countries in the Middle-East region, Khalil Maamoon™ hookahs were born out of cultural tradition. They have become a centre piece of social life among families and friends across the world, bringing people closer together.


We are the official and exclusive distributor for Khalil Maamoon™ in the UK.

Khalil Maamoon or Khalil Mamoon?

The official name is Khalil Maamoon™ as seen in the logo. However, the previous translation was Khalil Mamoon and this remains the most commonly used English spelling, which is why we use Khalil Mamoon on our listings. It simply makes it easier for fellow shisha lovers to find us!

All Khalil Maamoon Shisha Pipes are handcrafted!

  • HAND-MADE - All Khalil Maamoon Shisha Pipes are handcrafted!

  • UNIQUE - Beautiful and unique designs can't be found anywhere else!

  • RELIABLE - Shisha Pipes that last a life-time!

Company Information

Official Khalil Mamoon Agent: Moustafa El Menshawy

Contact: moustafa.elmenshawy@khalilmamoon.co.uk