Selecting a Flavour

Picking shisha flavours is a difficult choice, now not only do we need to pick the flavour... we need to understand the difference between the type of Flavour. In this guide we will explain everything you need to know about picking a shisha flavour from A-Z. Read on to find out more.

Picking the right Flavour

It's not only the taste you need to decide on, shisha flavours come in many different forms, you have tobacco blends and tobacco free/nicotine free blends... now you even have blends which don't contain tobacco however still contain nicotine! Choosing the right shisha flavour is not an easy task, it can take many different flavours and brands before you actually land on a flavour which you fall in love with. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what the best flavour is or what to buy, as this comes down to personal preference, however we can guide you to what we think are good options.

Read on for the breakdown and our Top Picks!

Tobacco flavours

The main tobacco blends used in shisha are blonde leaf tobacco and dark leaf tobacco. Usually when you smoke shisha in a lounge they will be serving blonde leaf tobacco. Brands such as Al-Fakher, Adalya, Mazaya all use the blonde leaf Virginia tobacco. The reason this tobacco is so widely used is because blonde leaf is much smoother and easier to smoke, due to the leaves being washed and reducing its nicotine content. However, dark leaf is produced from unwashed leaves, which have their full nicotine content and are flavoured with molasses, resulting in a dark coloured blend with earthy notes and a high nicotine buzz.

Our Top Picks


  • Double Apple

  • Grape

  • Watermelon


  • Love 66

  • Lady Killer

  • Swiss Passion


  • Lemon with Mint

  • Peaches with Cream

  • Iced Blueberry 

Tobacco & Nicotine Free

This type of flavour blend is taking the shisha world by storm, allowing you to enjoy your favourite smoking experience without the harmful effects of tobacco. Although it may be confusing selecting the right brand such as BIGG Ice Rockz, Soex, Space Smoke Zero, it is better to try each one and find which one works for you best. Many people enjoy mixing multiple types in one bowl.

Our Top Picks

BIGG Ice Rockz

  • Ice Raspberry

  • Mixed Fruits

  • Ice Blueberry


  • Perfect Duo

  • Funny Fusion

  • Blue Crush

Space Smoke Zero

  • Mango Rich

  • Secret Star

  • Watermelon Alien

Tobacco Free including Nicotine 

Now this is something that has come on the market recently but really kicked off in the rest of the world, the Space Smoke paste. This paste can be smoked on its own or squeezed on your tobacco or herbal flavouring to add an extra kick. We see it like vaping, you have the beautiful flavouring without the harms of Tar, while still getting some nicotine buzz. If you want to switch over from tobacco flavours that harm you as well as the people around you but want to maintain the enjoyment of nicotine... this is the perfect choice for you.

Our Top Picks

Space Smoke Basic

  • Candy Satellite

  • Berry Slurm

  • Watermelon Alien

Space Smoke Light Mix

  • Grapefruit Spirit

  • Monster Green

  • PeachYan

Space Smoke Arabian

  • Two Apples

  • Blueberry

  • Space Love